Joshua Kristal was born in Detroit and graduated from an intensive 3-year photography program in 1994. Over his 20-year career he has worked for publications including Time magazine, The New York Times, Outside, Automobile, the Huffington Post, Vice, Story, The American, HOUR amongst many others and worked for many organizations and clients such as the United Nations, Discovery Channel, Housing Works and the Innocence Project. He has exhibited work in New York City, Michigan and Wyoming.

Working mostly in the reportage style of photography, he strives to document and highlight details of modern life and sub-culture that mostly are overlooked and strives to capture moments of time that express something greater then the moments themselves.

The power of the still image to enlighten and affect public change has been a core principal and motivating factor behind much of his work. In 2004, he volunteered his photography services for a UNICEF allied non-profit organization in Calcutta, India. In 2005 he served as a photographer at the United Nations during its annual 3 month General Assembly. In 2009 he was part of an anthropology project whose mission was to use photography and video to help young people of the Yine-Yami tribe learn to re-value vanishing cultural traditions. In 2014 he was awarded the Getty Images/ “Creative Photography” grant which he used to create a new marketing campaign for Girls Gotta Run, a nonprofit organization in Southern Ethiopia that uses running as a way to encourage young women to stay in school and out of early marriage and pregnancy. Most recently he has worked and volunteered in Madagascar and Nicaragua for a nonprofit aiding emerging Jewish communities.

CONTACT: joshuakristal@gmail or IM on IG. 

PRINTS: Prints are available upon request.

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